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UNICEF Philippines and its partners have produced books, publications, and reports to advocate for children's rights. You may now access the latest information on children and development in the country.

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Conducted in 2015, the first-ever Philippine National Baseline Study on Violence Against Children details high incidences and various forms of violence committed against Filipino children. Download the following documents for more information:

Situation Analysis of Children in the Philippines

Executive summary

Building Safe Spaces for the Community: A Practical Guide for Constructing Disaster-Resilient Community Evacuation Centres in the Philippines

The ascent of local governments in nutrition in the Philippines: a compendium of actions on nutrition

Breastfeeding in the workplace toolkit

Climate Landscape Analysis for Children in the Philippines

Child Poverty in the Philippines

Management of severe acute malnutrition in the Philippines: From emergency-focused modelling to national policy and government scale-up

Adolescent Development and Participation in Humanitarian Response

Technical guidance paper

One year after Typhoon Haiyan: Progress report

After Yolanda: What children think, need and recommend

Youth migration from the Philippines: Brain drain and brain waste

The Filipino youth and the employment-migration nexus

Case studies: Child-Friendly Local Governance
Developed by the Council for the Welfare of Children, Communities of Practice on Child-Friendly Local Governance provides a venue for local government units and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and experiences in implementing child-friendly programmes in their areas. 

Social Policy briefs
Here are policy briefs culled from the study Child poverty in the Philippines:


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