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Of the 350,000 that are displaced, 100,000 of them are children.& &layout2=horizontal& &image2=/philippines/srsg_3.jpg& ©right2=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt2=Child-friendly learning spaces are being put up by UNICEF to bring back normalcy to children’s lives. Apart from the issue of child soldiers, UNICEF also considers the plight of children caught in the crossfire as important. & &layout3=horizontal& &image3=/philippines/srsg_4.jpg& ©right3=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt3=Ms. Coomaraswamy in a light moment with Datu Piang schoolchildren. Datu Piang is one of the most affected areas with 15,000 displaced persons in 28 evacuation camps. It is also one of the areas with the most number of children casualties. & &layout4=horizontal& &image4=/philippines/srsg_5.jpg& ©right4=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt4=International humanitarian workers help those caught up in the conflict through extending food, medical and educational assistance as well as livelihood and rehabilitation programs. & &layout5=horizontal& &image5=/philippines/srsg_6.jpg& ©right5=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt5=Ms. Tobin and Ms. Coomaraswamy talk to Mindanao-based reporters and express deep concern about the worsening situation of children in the evacuation centers.& &layout6=vertical& &image6=/philippines/srsg_7.jpg& ©right6=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt6=A young Muslim girl holds a Philippine flag to welcome the arrival of Ms. Coomaraswamy. In the conflict-affected areas of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao, 44 percent of families live below the poverty threshold. & &layout7=horizontal& &image7=/philippines/srsg_8.jpg& ©right7=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt7=Ms. Tobin meets with Mindanao’s religious leaders. UNICEF recognizes armed conflict as the most grievous of all assaults on child rights, and declares that children should be zones of peace.& &layout8=horizontal& &image8=/philippines/srsg_9.jpg& ©right8=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt8=Ms. Coomaraswamy talks with Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s Central Committee Vice Chair for Political Affairs Ghazali Jaafar. MILF will enter into an action plan with the UN to stop the recruitment and use of children.& &layout9=vertical& &image9=/philippines/srsg_10.jpg& ©right9=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt9=Ms. Tobin and Ms. Coomaraswamy are briefed on the situation of evacuees. UNICEF is working closely with the office of the SRSG to ensure that broader protection of children in situations of armed conflict is met.& &layout10=vertical& &image10=/philippines/srsg_11.jpg& ©right10=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt10=Schoolchildren welcome the arrival of Ms. Coomaraswamy by holding signs and banners expressing their desire for lasting peace in Mindanao.& &layout11=horizontal& &image11=/philippines/srsg_12.jpg& ©right11=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt11=Ms. Coomaraswamy shares her observations in a presscon, saying that children are affected in multiple ways by the conflict. All parties to the conflict, civil society, religious leaders and the Government must consider their protection as a priority.& &layout12=horizontal& &image12=/philippines/srsg_13.jpg& ©right12=UNICEF Philippines/2008/Alquinto& &txt12=Local and international media ask Ms. Coomaraswamy about the commitments made by the government, the military, the MILF and other parties to make sure the rights of children in conflict situations are met.& //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------// //--- CONTENT VARIABLES ENDS ---// //Var to check if all txt are loaded &varCheck=done&