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UNICEF Cards & Gifts 2005
Christmas Collection

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Introducing UNICEF's
Christmas Collection
UNICEF invites you to enjoy our LATEST range of greeting cards and gifts, designed for every occasion and special events to delight both family and friends.

Every purchase you make directly contributes to the safety and well-being of children around the world. Throughout this online catalogue, you can read about the work UNICEF does with your contribution and what a difference it makes to children's lives.

  • To place your order,
    call (0632) 901-0160 to 63;
    fax order form (0632) 901-0195;
    e-mail us at

We are proud of the quality overprinting service that we offer.

  • Choose one of the standard greeting options or put your own greetings.
  • Include your company logo.
  • Print in additional colors when required.
To achieve the best production of your company logo, please send an original hard copy with your order. You may also send your logo (plus other artwork) to us in 3.5" disk or by e-mail attachment in TIFF and JPEG format for PC. Please provide the Pantone or color guide for color reference.
Free delivery within Metro Manila for orders worth at least P 5,400 or 150 pieces.
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