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The Children

•  What is child pornography?


•  How many are affected in the Philippines?

  •  What is being done to fight child pornography?

•  What is the role of UNICEF?

  •  Study on Child Pornography in the Philippines
  •  News: UNICEF launches new study on child pornography

What is child pornography?

Follow the life of Melissa,
a victim of child pornography.
See how you can make a difference in her life. 


Child pornography is frequently used by paedophiles to lure children into illicit sexual activities and can involve:

  • The production, distribution or transmission of pornographic material depicting children
  • The possession of child pornography either in electronic, photographic or video form
  • The forced participation or coercion of children into the creation of pornographic material

Child pornography is a gross violation of children's rights. It is the evidence of the sexual exploitation of a child and always presupposes a crime committed towards the child.

Keep children safe from the claws of pornography.
Help us urge our lawmakers to pass
an Anti-Child Pornography Bill.

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