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Breastfeeding data in the Philippines


Breastfeeding fact sheet
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2003 National Demographic and Health Survey
National Statistics Office
  • Out of almost 7 million children (below 5 years old),
    87% were ever breastfed. This figure however includes infants
    whose breastfeeding may have lasted
    for only one hour, one day, or one week only.

  • In fact, nearly 3.4 million children (49%) were given liquid or food other than breastmilk within three days after being born.

  • For children below 3 years old at the time of the survey,
    barely 6% were exclusively breastfed.
    Bottlefeeding was common for almost half of these children.

  • Although 80% of children started breastfeeding within 1 day of birth, 54% were also given any liquid other than breast milk.

  • Exclusive breastfeeding lasts only for an average of 24 days.

  • Mothers did not breastfeed their children because:

    She does not have enough milk.
    She is working
    Her nipples/breasts ache
    Her child does not want to breastfeed
    Her child is sick
    She is sick
    Other reasons

  • Well-off and better-educated mothers
    whose children were delivered by a health professional
    were less likely to breastfeed their children exclusively.


Make breastfeeding the only choice.
Help us urge the Supreme Court to lift the ban on
the revised Implementing Rules and Regulation
of the National Milk Code.
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