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DevInfo goes full blast

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Barangay health workers check out a monitoring board at a resource center in Sarangani. UNICEF helps in setting up Knowledge Centers where information on children and women is readily available. The DevInfo software is a key feature of these resource centers.


Makati City, 9 September 2005 --- Over 100 planning and monitoring experts from government agencies and United Nations organizations attended week-long training sessions on the use of a database tool to monitor the Millennium Development Goals in the second quarter of this year.

DevInfo, a user-friendly software, was rolled out in June 2005 in a series of workshops for trainers and users from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), these workshops equipped participants with the skills to conduct DevInfo training sessions.

DevInfo was officially adopted by the UN system in the Philippines in October 2004. DevInfo was patterned after UNICEF’s ChildInfo software. DevInfo allows the archiving of data on various indicators and presents users with analytical and presentation tools.

DevInfo is made up of separate modules. DevInfo User is for people who constantly need data for their development work. The DevInfo Template and Data Entry modules are for database administrators who control the encoding of data. The DevInfo Customize module allows users to re-design the interface of the software. Hence, a local municipality may adopt DevInfo and make it look like its own homegrown software.

“This feature will give us a buy-in and unique selling point,” said UNICEF country representative Nicholas Alipui. “It is important for users of this technology to have a sense of ownership.”

In Mindanao, an ad hoc committee was set up to review different DevInfo databases and come up with a common DevInfo template for Mindanao. This assignment was spearheaded by NEDA Regional Offices in Mindanao.

DevInfo is a free software. UNICEF offers technical assistance in setting up the DevInfo system.

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