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To tell the story of children and thus stimulate action for them, UNICEF works with the Council for the Welfare of Children, Philippine Information Agency, and media organizations on:
  • Policies supportive of children’s rights – UNICEF helps advocate for the passage of the Juvenile Justice Bill
  • Enhancing the participation of children and young people in social change action – UNICEF supports the dissemination of the national child participation framework and concepts, and the regular production and airing of Kabataan News Network (KNN), a television programme produced by children
  • Child-sensitive media – UNICEF helps propagate media guidelines on the coverage of children, encourages media practitioners to report on children’s issues and concerns, and supports the media education of parents, teachers and other caregivers
  • Behaviour development through communication – UNICEF supports community communication structures such as community radio, helps improve the capacity of community members in facilitating communication and dialogue, and assists in the production of materials for mothers, health workers, and caregivers
  • Information management – UNICEF facilitates the setting up of Knowledge Centers for Children and Women (repositories of information and knowledge), and supports key partners in the use of ChildInfo, a monitoring database software, for monitoring the situation of children and women, and for advocating for children’s rights
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