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Health and nutrition



To address preventable diseases and inadequate nutrition, UNICEF works with the Department of Health on:
  • Expanded Programme on Immunization and measles elimination campaigns – UNICEF provides vaccines, cold chain equipment, and syringes; helps train health workers; supports meetings and orientations to gain the support of community leaders, private sector, and other sectors.
  • Reducing deficiencies in vitamin A, iron, and iodine – UNICEF provides vitamin and mineral supplements, helps educate the public, and assists in promulgating the ASIN Law among the public, salt manufacturers, and traders
  • Educating families and communities about proper care for children below six years old – UNICEF helps teach mothers and other caregivers about proper nutrition, breastfeeding, care, and psycho-social stimulation for young children
  • Enabling health workers and institutions to respond to complications in pregnancy and childbirth – UNICEF supports training for health workers and provides emergency equipment and supplies
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