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What does UNICEF do in the Philippines?



We work with the Philippine government
at the national, regional, and local levels.
We seek the support of NGOs and the private sector.
We encourage governors, mayors, and local leaders
to build child-friendly communities.

We talk to parents and community leaders
about the rights of their children.
We train daycare workers, teachers, and health workers.
We influence the police, lawyers, and judges
to set up a justice system sensitive to the needs of children.

We help build daycare centers, child-friendly schools,
and health centers.
We construct sanitary toilets and water systems.
We reach out to children --- living in the streets,
working in hazardous conditions, broken the law,
abused and neglected, and those caught in armed conflict
and affected by strife and disasters.

We offer children the chance to speak out and be heard.

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