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What is UNICEF?

We are an agency of the United Nations that is devoted to the world’s children.

The UN General Assembly organized UNICEF on 11 December 1946 to assist children victims of World War II. In 1953, our mandate was broadened to respond to the long-term needs of children in developing countries like the Philippines where the effects of poverty are often hardest on children.

Guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF works in more than 160 countries, territories, and areas to promote and fulfill children’s rights to health and nutrition, education, protection, emergency relief, water and sanitation, and participation.

What does UNICEF do?

We started our work in the Philippines in November 1948 as one of the first UNICEF offices in Asia. We provided milk, medicines, and other essential supplies. In 1979, we shifted from mere emergency response work to more elaborate country programming for children.

We are currently supporting the Sixth Country Programme for Children (CPC 6). We work with governments, non-governmental organizations, religious groups, young people, business communities, media, and children themselves.

What is CPC 6? the Child-Friendly Movement?

CPC 6 aims to make children’s rights a reality for children in the Philippines. We are aiming to reduce the disparities in the situation of children and women among communities. We do this by promoting the Child-Friendly Movement. The Child-Friendly Movement is the involvement of all sectors of society to promote and protect children’s rights.

We support activities of the national government and directly provide assistance to 19 provinces and five cities. UNICEF hopes to make an impact in these areas.

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