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© UNICEF Philippines/2008/Francia
Students at the Nenita Elementary School in Northern Samar enjoy their new playground sets donated by the UNICEF French National Committee.

Every child has rights.

Each child has the right to have a family to love and care for him or her.

Every child has the right to an education, proper health care and nutrition, a name and a nationality.

Each child has the right to be protected from neglect, abuse and exploitation.

Every child has the right to be heard and participate in matters that affect them.

These rights are among those included in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the Philippines ratified in 1990. The Convention is the most widely accepted human rights treaty in history. Its principles guide all that UNICEF does.

UNICEF espouses peace, security and a vital United Nations system. We work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. We work for the progress promised in the Charter of the United Nations.

In the Philippines, UNICEF works to help disadvantaged communities catch up with the rest of the country through indicators that paint a picture of children’s well-being.



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