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Local partners in Northern Samar conduct focus group discussions with children to find out about their issues.

UNICEF works to promote and protect children’s rights at all levels of society. We inform and influence all those who can make a difference in children’s lives. We help ensure that issues about children receive proper media and public attention. With our partners, UNICEF organizes media awareness and advocacy campaigns supporting policies that protect children and their families.

We make sure children have opportunities to have a say in issues that affect them by organizing child participation workshops, photography clubs, video teleconferences and children’s conferences, such as the First South East Asian Children’s Conference – a gathering of around 34 child leaders from nine ASEAN countries to formulate a children’s declaration to be presented at the 2007 ASEAN Summit. In partnership with Probe Media Foundation, the Kabataan (Youth) News Network, produces news stories written and filmed by children, broadcast through the KNN website.

UNICEF supports training for journalists on how to report children’s stories with dignity and compassion. Media guidelines were created on the proper coverage of children’s issues.

Local leaders, mothers, families and caregivers are also trained to effectively communicate proper child care behaviours in their communities. We assist in the production of information materials, such as posters for mothers, health workers, teachers and caregivers. UNICEF also supported a study of indigenous communities in the country in order to raise awareness on the extreme situations facing indigenous children.



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