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More and more local governments now see the importance of child-friendly policies.

Child-friendly governance

• Expanded the Child-Friendly Movement in municipalities and villages in both UNICEF focus and non-focus areas
• Increased the number of provinces, cities and municipalities that adopt child-friendly policies,plans , laws , budgets and reports 
• Issuances by the Department of Interior and Local Government in support of  MDGs, Local Councils for the Protection of Children, “Four Gifts for Children”, Early Childhood Care and Development, and Awards for Child-Friendly local government units
• Executive boards of legislative leagues committed to enact children’s codes , GAD Codes and other ordinances on children and women
• Increasing numbers of local government units joining the Presidential Search for child-friendly cities and municipalities
• All 17 administrative regions prepared regional state of the children reports

Increased investment on human capital

• UNICEF focus-areas spent 24-34 per cent of their budgets for social services

Local institutions for children

• Increased number of functional local councils for the protection of children in UNICEF focus areas: 78 per cent of the provincial councils and 80 per cent of the city councils
• Developed child-friendliness standards for local health board, local school board, local disaster coordinating council and local legislative council.



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