Protección de los niños, niñas y adolescentes

Protection of children and adolescents

Protección de los niños y adolescentes

Derecho al nombre

Violencia y maltrato infantil


Comisión Nacional por los Derechos del Niño


Protection of children and adolescents


Peruvian children suffer from the result of a range of violence and their coping mechanisms are not always sufficient or appropriate. UNICEF intervenes to strengthen measures which protect children and adolescents and to address a special focus on the rights of the child when providing assistance to victims of violence.

UNICEF aims to protect the right to a name by supporting public interventions to bring birth registration to remote rural communities. It believes that one of the ways to protect a child is to ensure that him or her has access to an identification certificate. The indigenous community, particularly the one in the Amazon area often lacks such documentation.

Therefore, they provide technical assistance to ensure that policies and actions oriented to the protection of children and adolescents are incorporated in a range of sectors and programmes from the State. One aspect on which UNICEF works assiduously is the improvement of the information, analysis and monitoring systems to better understand the gaps in the condition of children. This helps identify the regions and locations which are facing problems. UNICEF also implements actions to highlight the extent and the causes of the violence which affects Peruvian children. Consequently, it aims to promote the adoption of certain attitudes and measures at home, at school and in the community.

With its partnership with the State and civil societies, UNICEF works toward the reduction of child labour and the eradication of the sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents. In Peru, UNICEF will continue to promote the respect of the rights of adolescents who find themselves in conflict with the criminal law and children who are institutionalized or living in a temporary foster family due to the lack of care from their parents and family.


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