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UNICEF recommends the government of Peru to prioritize investment in children


Lima, September 6, 2016.– During a meeting held with the Prime Minister of Peru, Fernando Zavala Lombardi, UNICEF Regional Director, María Cristina Perceval, recommended the Peruvian government to continue devoting at least 25% of the national general budget on children and adolescents.

Perceval, who is on an official visit in Peru, stressed that growing investment in Peruvian children has led to exemplary results for the region. In this regard, she highlighted national efforts and progress towards reducing infant mortality, increasing educational coverage, ensuring universal access to birth certificates, intercultural bilingual education, and the measurement of social spending on children.

During her dialogue with the Prime Minister, the UNICEF Regional Director expressed confidence in the achievement of each agenda outlined in the Equal Opportunities for Children and Adolescent Commitment.

This document, promoted by the National Ombudsperson Office and UNICEF during the electoral campaign, and signed by President Kuczynski, outlines concrete goals for the health, education and protection of Peruvian children and adolescents. Some of these proposed achievements include a 20% decrease in teenage pregnancy, adequate conclusion of primary and secondary schooling throughout all regions of Peru; a drastic decrease of any form of violence and abuse against children and adolescents; as well as the development of policies for children and adolescents to enjoy a protective and nurturing family setting.

The Prime Minister, in return, emphasized the great disparities and exclusion still present in the country, particularly among children and adolescents in the Amazonian regions. He further recalled that, of the 10 prioritized goals established by the government, many of these aim to combat these inequalities. On the other hand, Zavala underlined the importance of long term planning to achieve such objectives at the national and subnational level.

Finally, the Regional Director reaffirmed UNICEF’s commitment with the country. “UNICEF will continue to serve as an allied and devoted voice to cooperate with the Peruvian government. We will work to ensure the swift fulfillment of the rights of Peruvian children and adolescents”, she stated.

For further information, please contact Marilu Wiegold, phone number 613-0706, cellphone 99757-3218, e-mail mwiegold@unicef.org and Gustavo Lopez, phone number 6130781, cellphone 95996-4077, e-mail glopez@unicef.org  


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