01 November 2018

What we do?

Our priorities for 2022-2026, Our country programme promotes the rights of adolescents and children, and the creation of equal opportunities for each of them – regardless of gender, ethnicity, place of residence, living conditions or other status – to reach their full potential.  , Our priorities, Every girl, boy and adolescent survives and thrives Every girl, boy and adolescent learns Every girl, boy and adolescent is protected Poverty and social protection Participation of citizens and the private sector, Where we work?, Our mission is that all children and adolescents, in all parts of Peru, have the opportunity to exercise their rights. Considering the inequalities that particularly affect rural populations in Andean and Amazonian regions, as well as people living in peri-urban areas, we have prioritized our presence in two Amazonian regions: Loreto and Ucayali;…, Carabayllo, Sally frente a un mural pintado por una organización de adolescentes, Huancavelica, Adolescente, Loreto, Ninos de comunidad shipiba, Ucayali, Adolescentes en taller, Disaster risk management, niñas en emergencia en piura UNICEF Perú During emergencies and disasters, children and adolescents are vulnerable to: injuries and illnesses related to malnutrition, poor water quality and sanitation, psychological trauma and its debilitating effects. Displacement and separation from parents, as well as the economic impact on their families,…, Connect with UNICEF, Facebook Facebook Instagram Instagram Twitter Twitter YouTube YouTube