23 April 2021

Hope comes in small doses

“I´ve been reborn,” said Celinda Tafur, 87 years old, after receiving her first COVID-19 vaccine dose at the Los Libertadores vaccination site in Lima, Peru. Celinda hopes it will bring her closer to what she misses most: gathering the whole family around the table. Artemio Baldoceda, 83 years old, misses his grandchildren, who he has seen through…, Reaching the most vulnerable, Older adults like Celinda and Artemio are among the first to get vaccinated, along with health workers like Carmen Castañeda, a nurse at the vaccination site and one of more than 1.7 million people in Peru who have been infected with COVID-19  [1] . “I’m no stranger to this pandemic..I have been sick and I have had family members who have been…, Vaccination rates at risk, As the Government of Peru works to procure and distribute vaccines across the country, just 57 per cent of the population say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if given the chance  [2] . Carlos Garzón, PAHO/WHO Representative in Peru, explained: “The vaccines are new and we must help people understand that they are safe and effective, that not…, Nothing to fear, Whether young or old, Celinda and Artemio encourage everyone to get the vaccines they need, as soon as they are available. “The vaccine gives me a little more life to be with my family and for my family to be with me,” Artemio said, while Celinda reassured, “Everybody should get vaccinated. There’s no need to be afraid.”   [1] Peru Ministry of…
15 April 2021

A year of pandemic, a year of action in Peru

“It’s been a tough year. The most difficult thing was that my mother has to work at a health centre. We keenly followed the arrival of the vaccines. One day my mother came home happy because she had been vaccinated. Now we feel more at ease because she is more protected, but we keep taking care of ourselves.”  -Lucio, 13 years old, Lima Children…, Health in our hands, Una madre, usando mascarilla, sostiene a su bebé “I feel safer because they provide good care here [at the health centre], they teach us good things. I see that my son is already playing and is very happy.”   -Lloyli, Yadriel’s mother, Loreto  Through the pandemic, we have learned to take care of ourselves by washing our hands, keeping our…, Learning in a pandemic, Primer plano de un adolescente “Things have changed this year. We couldn't talk to our teachers and I felt sad and worried that we couldn´t see each other or work together.”    -Richard, 15 years old, Ucayali   The suspension of face-to-face classes has had devastating consequences for the learning and well-being of children. This situation also…, Violence, the other pandemic, The confinement imposed during the pandemic highlighted the high rate of domestic violence that has children among its main victims. For many, isolation to keep safe from COVID-19 resulted in a greater exposure to the other pandemic: violence.  EXPERIENCES  In a year in which family was for many the main support to get through the COVID-19 crisis…, Inequality, a reality unmasked, Una adolescente mira a la calle desde la azotea de su casa “When the coronavirus hit here, I didn’t think the world would come to a halt so suddenly. I was surprised because we had so many plans for this year. In December [2019], we said, ‘this is our year’ and now, well, we have to live with this.”  -Daniela, Venezuelan migrant, 15 years old,…, Communication that cares, communication that uplifts, Una adolescente levanta la mano y mira a de frente “Our opinions are important, and we must share them so that authorities take them into account and address them.”  -Alicia, 17 years old, Huancavelica   With the national quarantine imposed due to the pandemic, families had to learn to live together at home. UNICEF worked with partners to develop…, The post COVID-19 plan, Foto de primer plano de Ana de Mendoza, Representante de UNICEF Humanity shares one wish: for COVID-19 to cease to be a deadly threat. As we await that moment, let us ensure younger generations have a better world than the one that existed when the pandemic arrived to take millions of lives and leave those already behind even more behind.  -Ana de…, Thank you for joining us, International cooperation, the private sector and civil society partners joined us in solidarity to help in the COVID-19 response. Thanks to all of them for their continued support for the benefit of children living in Peru.  We invite you to read the full list of partners in the report. , Key links, Learn more and get involved in the solution.