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Sir Roger Moore Activity Highlights

2013 • November • Sir Roger Moore, accompanied by his wife Lady Kristina, visited the UNICEF global humanitarian supply warehouse in Copenhagen and called for continued support for children and their families in the Philippines whose lives have been devastated by super typhoon Haiyan. (Press Release)

2012 • November • For his 21 years of extraordinary work for UNICEF, Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore was presented with the UNICEF UK Lifetime Achievement Award at a ceremony in London. "I might be best known for playing James Bond, but my role as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF is the one I am most passionate about," Sir Roger said.  Sir Roger was first introduced to UNICEF by his friend and fellow Goodwill Ambassador Audrey Hepburn. The first award of its kind, from this point on, will be named the Roger Moore Lifetime Achievement Award, in celebration of Sir Roger’s tireless work for UNICEF, both as a generous fundraiser and a global advocate for children's rights.

2010 • November • Sir Roger Moore visited Kazakhstan to help raise awareness and support for vulnerable children, particularly those with disabilities. (Newsnote)

2010 • March • Sir Roger Moore participated in the International Cello Festival in Moscow. Part of the proceeds from the festival will go to support UNICEF programmes in Russia.  During his visit, Sir Roger Moore visited several UNICEF-supported projects in Moscow, including programmes on institutionalized children with disabilities. 

2007 • September • In Vienna, Austria, Sir Roger launched the ‘Schools for Africa’ campaign   an initiative by the Austrian Committee for UNICEF to raise funds to build schools in Malawi.  (Roger Moore web site)

2006 • July • In St. Petersburg, Russia, Sir Roger attended the opening ceremony of Junior 8. Both he and UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman addressed the opening of the summit.  (Newsline) (Roger Moore web site)

2006 • June• In Canada, Sir Roger participated in the Starwood/Check Out for Children event for UNICEF to raise funds for Starwood's immunization programme in Ethiopia.  Sir Roger and Lady Kristina attended a reception and helped launch a bike ride from Amsterdam to Brussels which brought in over Euros 268,000.

2006 • February • In Quebec, Sir Roger participated in the Canadian Fundraiser, 'Vue sur Bond', a celebration of the Bond films. The three-day event was designed to raise funds for Quebec City's 3 Americas Film Festival and UNICEF. (Roger Moore web site)

2005 • November • In India, Sir Roger and Lady Moore promoted the use of iodized salt. They visited a primary school in Bhamoria district, which has had a comprehensive awareness-raising programme on iodized salt and met with salt producers, local NGOs, government officials and civil society organizations in Jaipur.  (Newsline)

2004 • August • In Beijing, China, Sir Roger and his wife attended the Asian Football Confederation’s 50th Anniversary Gala to raise funds for a UNICEF-assisted project that helps support AIDS orphans. In Xian, West China, they also saw the production and use of iodized salt.  (UNICEF people)

2004 • Janaury • In Mexico, Sir Roger attended a ceremony for the announcement of a pledge of £150,000 to support UNICEF’s work for the education for all children in the city. (News note)

2003 • October • In Cambodia, Sir Roger Moore advocated for increased production and use of iodized salt to combat iodine deficiency disorders (IDD), a major threat to the health and development Cambodian children. (UK NatCom)

2002 • November • On emergency mission in Zambia, Sir Roger and his wife visited households and communities worst affected by drought, food shortages and HIV/AIDS, as well as UNICEF-funded street children projects in Lusaka, and nutrition units and water and sanitation projects in rural villages. (Real lives)

2001 • November • In New York, Sir Roger helped launch a new alliance between world soccer governing body, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and UNICEF. 

1991-1997 • Sir Roger visited UNICEF-assisted projects in Mexico, Slovenia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ghana, Indonesia, Japan and Korea (1997); Philippines (1996); Brazil, Costa Rica; El Salvador; Honduras; Guatemala (1991).  (Archive)

Sir Roger Moore profile

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Assisted by UNICEF and other relief workers, Sir Roger Moore distributes toys to Kosovar refugee children. TFYR Macedonia, 1999.




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