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Maxim Vengerov Activity Highlights

2015 • November • UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov performed and spoke at the high level #Endviolence Gala in Bucharest for UNICEF Romania. Maxim also visited a school where UNICEF supports a successful school attendance program.

2013 • October • Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov visited the Gülen Üstünel Preschool during his travel to Turkey in order to support the “A Child is in Preschool Education with TL 25 Once A Month” fundraising campaign. (Press Release)

2011 • February • Maxim Vengerov announced the start of the ‘Every Child Needs a Family’ campaign during a master class held for several young artists from the UNICEF Children’s Chamber Orchestra in Armenia. (Newsline)

2009 • November • For the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Maxim Vengerov was one of several world renowned musicians who helped record a musical work in support of UNICEF’s work on behalf of the world’s children. The music, which was composed by UNICEF Canada Ambassador Steve Barakatt was released to over 26,000 media outlets and played by more than 25 orchestras worldwide.

2004 • September • In New York, Maxim Vengerov gave a magnificent performance on the opening night of the New York Philharmonic season and generously donated his earnings to UNICEF.

2003 • November • Maxim Vengerov travelled to South Africa for UNICEF and in partnership with the International Classical Music Festival (ICMF). He gave a gala recital donating proceeds to the ICMF’s music education project. Mr. Vengerov also held an interactive workshop with children and young people from the Afrika Cultural Centre, and a workshop for young people at the Alexandra Technikon in Alexandra Township. 

2000 • November • In Bangkok, Mr. Vengerov visited a rehabilitation centre for girl juvenile offenders and a centre that provides non-formal education, skills training and other services for working children. In Chiang Mai, he saw UNICEF-supported projects for children affected by HIV/AIDS. 

1999 • October • Maxim Vengerov gave a concert with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra in support of the Hospital for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Belgrade. Driving through central Serbia, he visited camps for Albanian, Roma, and Serbian displaced persons. In Pristina, he gave a master class at the Academy of Music and visited camps and an integrated school for Albanian and Serbian children.

1999 • May • In London, along with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Vanessa Redgrave and other artists, Maxim Vengerov performed at a UNICEF benefit concert titled ‘For the Children of Kosovo’.

1999 • March • For his first field trip to Africa, Maxim Vengerov went to Uganda where he visited the War Children’s Project and met with children who had been abducted by rebels and used as child soldiers and sexual slaves. He also visited schools and camps for internally displaced persons in the town of Gulu. In the capital Kampala, he visited an AIDS hospital, schools, child-headed households and micro-credit projects. He also gave a master class for young violin students in Kampala and peformed for children in the various locations he went to. 

1998 • June • In Houston, Texas, Maxim Vengerov supported a gala fund-raising dinner to benefit children in the Caspian Sea area. He also donated his fees to UNICEF for a recital he gave in Chicago with pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim. 

1997 • December • A visit to war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina, was Mr. Vengerov’s first field visit. He also gave a concert with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, which was considered a symbol of unity during the war.  At the former Olympic site in the Dobrinja neighbourhood of Sarajevo, he participated in several sports activities designed for children who also received counselling to help them deal with the trauma of war. In the town of Mostar he did a music exchange with children at the Pavarotti Music Centre and visited with other children at a psychosocial counselling centre. 

1997 • September • For Maxim Vengerov’s first official undertaking with UNICEF, he organized a musical exchange with children from Opus 118 – a violin group from East Harlem, New York. The children of Opus 118, aged 6 to 13, came from three different elementary schools in this inner-city neighbourhood. This innovative programme has spurred a whole generation to learn ‘violin culture’. Along with the youths, Mr. Vengerov not only played Bach but also southern blues and tunes such as ‘Summertime’ and ‘We Shall Overcome’.

Maxim Vengerov profile


In the remote village of Baan Nong Mon Tha, children from the Karen hiiltribe ethnic group follow Maxim Vengerov, in a human chain, to a school run by a UNICEF-assisted NGO. Thailand, 2000.




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