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A decade of making a difference for children

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Margaret Quick, a staunch UNICEF supporter.

Septuagenarian Margaret Quick travels more than an hour a day to and from her home in suburban Sydney, Australia to the International Freight Terminal at Sydney Airport to act as a volunteer for UNICEF's Change for Good© programme.

UNICEF and the international airline industry have for years teamed up to give passengers a convenient way to help the world's children. Through the Change for Good® programme, established by UNICEF in 1987, millions of passengers have donated their leftover foreign coins and notes to UNICEF-assisted programmes that help children obtain health care, clean water, education, nutrition and protection from violence and abuse. To date, over US $37 million has been raised.

Mrs. Quick’s day is spent sorting and counting foreign currency donated by travellers on Quantas flights. In 2002, Mrs. Quick and her fellow volunteers counted and sorted over 50,000 kilogrammes of coins and notes, totalling over US $800,000.

Despite two hip replacements, Mrs. Quick doesn’t let the three flights of stairs she has to climb keep her from her volunteer tasks. She has shown unwavering support for UNICEF, rarely missing her "shift" at the counting centre.

Mrs. Quick has been the proud winner of the Change for Good® "Big Note" competition, for the past three years. She sorted the largest number of $100 bills of any volunteer at the counting centre. She has volunteered for UNICEF since early 1990's.

"Ah but its so important, the work for the children,” is Mrs. Quick’s response when complimented each year on her dedication to UNICEF. “We don't do so much, its all for the kiddies you know!"

Mrs. Quick works alongside her sister and husband who are also in their seventies. Mrs. Quick is Welsh born and emigrated to Australia more than twenty years ago.

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