Annual Report 2020

UNICEF work in Panama and results in favor of the country's children and adolescents

Annual Report 2020

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During 2020, UNICEF's work had a clear humanitarian character marked by the emergency caused by COVID-19 and the impact of hurricanes ETA and IOTA.

In addition, much emphasis was placed on supporting migrant children and their families, who were trapped in the country for months due to the closure of borders, and who needed urgent attention in health, protection, water, sanitation and nutrition, among others. More than 7,000 people, including miles of children, were supported, prioritizing the needs of children and those of the

This UNICEF Panama management report presents the results of the work carried out in a coordinated manner with the National Government and local authorities, civil society, the media, the private sector, and groups of children and adolescents.

Annual Report 2020
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