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Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission of HIV

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Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission of HIV: Paedatric Guildelines

In the light of increasing new HIV infections in women and the inherent risk of mother to child transmission of HIV from HIV infected mothers to their infants it is time to establish pediatric HIV treatment and care centers and national guidelines for management of HIV
infection in children in Pakistan. This publication on “Clinical Management of HIV Infection in Children in Pakistan” was developed after extensive review of international guidelines on Pediatric HIV clinical management and adapted to the local context of commonly presenting infections, healthcare system limitations, and other “ground realities”. For building consensus and expert opinion a national consultative workshop was held in Islamabad in February 2006. In addition detailed meetings were held with practicing pediatricians, obstetricians, infectious disease experts, public health experts, policy planners, UN agencies, and People Living with HIV and AIDS (PALWHA) representatives for their insight and input into the adaptation process.

These Clinical Guidelines are designed to help develop a system of practical clinical algorithms for delivering optimal and effective pediatric HIV care including antiretroviral therapy, adherence counseling, management and prevention of opportunistic infections, diagnosis of HIV infection in infants/children, understanding immunological and virological markers, and overall integration of HIV care within pediatric care settings.

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Paedatric Guidelines



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