Fighting HIV & AIDS in Pakistan: UNICEF Strategy

Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission of HIV

From Prevention through Protection: Expanding the HIV Response for Children and Young People in Pakistan


Positive Diaries: A View into the Lives of Young People Living with HIV and AIDS

Positive Diaries are true stories of the lives of young people living with HIV and AIDS in Pakistan. They have contracted the virus in different ways - no one person has exactly the same story. Their names have been changed to protect them from the stigma and discrimination that they face on daily basis.

UNICEF in partnership with UNAIDS and the National AIDS Control Programme, considers it critical to bring a greater understanding of the complex socio-cultural factors that have contributed to these young persons contracting HIV.

To read the entire document, click the pdf (4.30 MB) link below:
Positive Diaries: A View into the lives of Young People Living with HIV and AIDS in Pakistan


To order hard copies, please contact:
Ms. Bettina Schunter, Project Officer HIV and AIDS, UNICEF at bschunter@unicef.org
Ms. Khola Arooj, Arooj, Project Assistant, UNICEF at karooj@unicef.org



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