A Situational Analysis on Stillbirths, Newborn Deaths and Small and Sick Newborn Care

Key Findings from Pakistan - 2019


Regarding infant care in Pakistan, based on the assessment of 23 health facilities across the country infant care units such as NICUs and special care units are available across the country, however, kangaroo mother care units are scarce in DHQs. In terms of human resource availability, apart from Paediatricians, there is a dearth of specialists’ cadre (Neonatologist, Neonatal Surgeon, and Neonatal Nurse Specialists) besides the training of the staff for providing inpatient newborn care across the country. The main equipment required for the care of NYI were available in the majority of the facilities but for their preventative maintenance and repair, the role of the biomedical department was found to be lacking.

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Government of Pakistan, UNICEF and AGA Khan University
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