RED/REC Evaluation Report 2014-2018

Evaluation of Reaching Every District/Community (RED/REC) Strategy in Pakistan


The Reaching Every District/Community (RED/REC) Strategy was launched in African countries by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and other partners in the GAVI Alliance in 2002 – after its success, the strategy was introduced to Pakistan in 2010. It is designed to improve and strengthen immunization systems in areas with low coverage through application of five operational strategies, including (1) re-establishing health outreach service delivery, (2) supportive supervision, (3) linking services with communities, (4) monitoring and use of data for action, and (5) planning and management of resources.

UNICEF commissioned a third-party evaluation to assess the extent to which RED/REC strategy fulfilled its intended objectives of strengthening the delivery of routine immunization services to marginalized populations.

The evaluation revealed that the RED/REC strategy is certainly being implemented in the intervention districts of all provinces and regions. All major components of the strategy have been merged into Provincial EPIs. In the Sindh EPI programme, all activities are performed under one umbrella within both intervention and non-intervention districts as of 2016. Similarly, the Government of KP/NMD had merged the components of RED/REC strategy into the Provincial EPI, while providing requisite funds. In Punjab, Balochistan, AJK and GB, the RED/REC approach and its implementation have been more or less effective – these governments are in the process of rollout in non-intervention districts. Quantitative data demonstrated that immunization coverage was as per the targets for the RED/REC strategy

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Contech International & Department of Public Health, Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, University of Punjab
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