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Country Programme of Cooperation between the Government of Pakistan and UNICEF 2018-2022

Lady health worker Sajjda Bibi giving a fruit to a child


The governments of Pakistan have long recognized the severity of the country’s nutrition problem and the need for action. Pakistan’s "Vision 2025" and the Framework for Economic Growth both emphasized the need for strong nutrition policies, strategies and programmes. The new government has declared stunting – when a child doesn't grow well and is too short for his or her age – a national priority. In December 2018, the National Assembly passed a resolution² in which it recognized, the rights of every child as well as mothers.

A focus on quality of diet is essential to prevent stunting, wasting and other forms of undernutrition affecting children. UNICEF is supporting the vital work on Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM). UNICEF will use its expertise in advocacy and communication for development (C4D – behavioural and attitude change) to assist the government to link mass media with interpersonal communication and community based communication strategies. This will promote micronutrient supplementation and fortification in alignment with the government’s nutrition plans.

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