Every child is protected from violence and exploitation

Country Programme of Cooperation between the Government of Pakistan and UNICEF 2018-2022

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The key planned outcome of UNICEF’s child protection program in Pakistan is that girls and boys are protected from violence, exploitation and neglect, which collectively may be referred to as “abuse”. The two main programme components are protecting children from violence and increasing the percentage of children whose births are registered.

Available evidence indicates that an abused child’s well-being will be negatively impacted in both the short and longer-term, impairing their health, ability to learn and to socialize, with additional adverse consequences likely to arise in later years. UNICEF’s child protection work in Pakistan focuses on strengthening child protection systems overall and building the capacity of families, communities, and the government to promote the right of the child to protection, as well as prevent and respond to reported cases of child abuse in an effective manner.

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