COVID-19 Situation Report 4

The overall situation analysis of COVID-19 in Pakistan (13-19 April, 2020)


  •  A total 33 million people have been reached through electronic media (TV & radio).
  • A total of 55.4 million people engaged through social media interaction (UNICEF reaching 23 million) with an additional 5.2 million people reached over the reporting period.
  • Over 2.6 million at risk populations reached through community engagement on COVID-19 (UNICEF reached 1.8 million) with an additional 1.4 million reached (UNICEF 1.1 million) over the reporting period.
  • 62,387 religious leaders including 23,113 through UNICEF (1,173 new) have been engaged and mobilised to promote social distancing, encourage praying at home and to promote key messages on COVID-19.
  • Using WASH communication networks over 1.59 million people (420,255 new) have been reached with COVID-19 hygiene promotion messages.
  • A total of 334 hand washing stations (49 new) have been installed at communal points enabling around 500,000 people (100,000 new) to wash their hands with clean running water and soap.
  • 103,000 people have benefitted from WASH facilities installed in 109 Health Care Facilities, including an additional 12,000 people this reporting period.  
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