COVID-19 Situation Report 15

The overall situation analysis of COVID-19 in Pakistan (1 August - 15 August, 2020)


  • A total 476 million viewers/listeners and social media contacts reached through TV, radio, WhatsApp and social media through Government and UNICEF support.
  • Over 260,045 (19,698 new) religious leaders engaged and mobilized to emphasize the importance of physical distancing and promoting key preventive messages building risk perception.
  • Using WASH sector communication networks, over 14.2 million (700,000 new) people reached with COVID-19 hygiene promotion messages with UNICEF reached 7.3 million (637,937 new).
  • Over 1.7 million people (124,072 new) benefitting from continuity of primary health care services at UNICEF supported health facilities.
  • UNICEF supported 58,773 SAM children admissions for treatment (9,822 new) and the sector has supported 87,569 (12,271 new) children.
  • Through UNICEF support 49,036 parents, caregivers, children and individuals reached with PSS through trained social workforce professionals (1,893 new).
  • Through UNICEF support 86,883 children (383 new) reached with alternate learning opportunities.
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