Clean Drinking Water For All (CDWA) Evaluation Report

Joint P&DD & UNICEF country led evaluation of the CDWA Project (Balochistan Component)


The Balochistan Clean Drinking Water for All (CDWA) evaluation was conducted as part of the National Evaluation Capacity Development (NECD) initiative, which began in 2015 when Phase II of CDWA commenced. The initiative focuses on developing and implementing effective monitoring frameworks, establishing indicators focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and collecting and analysing accurate data for those indicators. An effective monitoring framework will contribute significantly to the ultimate outcome of developing evidence-based policies.

The overall purpose of conducting an independent and objective evaluation was to gauge the effectiveness of the CDWA project implemented by PHED in 15 districts of Balochistan, over the period 2010–2011 up to and including May 2018. Additionally, it was to inform programming decisions for improving water supply to households while demonstrating accountability to the stakeholders, drawing lessons learnt and forming recommendations to inform continuity and scaleup. 

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Government of Balochistan and UNICEF
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