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2008 Floods in Pakistan



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Pakistan’s first female football club breaks down cultural barriers
KARACHI, Pakistan, 14 April 2011- On a scorching, early morning in Karachi, a dozen girls - some wearing shawls and burqas in the blistering heat - arrive in a large walled field, ready to practice football.

Community Midwives provide rural women with 24-hour trained obstetric care on their doorsteps
KASUR, Punjab Province, 2010 –When Mussarat Pervaiz had her first child eight years ago, she travelled to a nearby village to a private health facility where she paid over Rs 5,000 (US$ 60) for the delivery.

IKEA Social Initiative Helps Children from Marginal Communities Build
FAISALABAD, Pakistan, May 2010 – Only a year ago, eight-year-old Nazdana spent her days picking paper, bottles and metal pieces from the heaps of garbage littered around the city. Today, her world has changed completely. She sits reading from a textbook..

Through vocational training, brick kiln workers hope to escape the cycle of poverty
Dagaich Village, Lahore, 2010 – A group of teenaged girls are crowded into a small room, laughing and chattering as they work amidst the clatter of a sewing machine.

Through non-formal education, child labourers hope to escape the trap of debt bondage
Kherapul Village, Lahore, PAKISTAN - February 2010 – On this late winter morning, the sun is fierce and the air is filled with dust. In this searing heat, entire families crouch over rows upon rows of unbaked bricks left to dry in the sun before being..

Going back to the streets to extend a hand to homeless children in Pakistan
KARACHI, Pakistan, December 2009 – Ali Mohammed lowers his head shyly as he recounts his work routine as a peer educator for street children. "When I go to the street to find children, I see in which situation they are. I talk to them and suggest that ..

Mother and Child Health Week reaches children without access to basic health services
UMERKOT, Pakistan, November 2009 – Sidori Churon follows with close attention the drawings of a chart while her four-month-old baby Isar sleeps on her lap.

Polio immunization drive reaches children on the move in Pakistan
RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, 31 July 2009 – Dr. Mohammed Salem walks alongside volunteers carrying small coolers filled with oral polio vaccine around the streets of Fauji Colony in Rawalpindi, Punjab Province.

Low Cost Actions, Long Term Benefits through Child Health and Sanitation Week
KHANPUR, Pakistan, November 2008 – Kubra Tariq holds her son Zahid close. "He is my only child," she says. Her usual strong, forthright manner is subdued as she remembers. "He is my only child, but not my first born.

Helping children displaced by fighting in Pakistan rebuild their lives
Katcha Garhi camp, Peshawar. October 2008. The face of 16 year old Khair Ullah Khulozai grows sombre when he describes the circumstances that forced him to become the head of his family...

Community Led Total Sanitation: Pakistani Women Take Control of Their Families' Health
KILLA BATEZAI, Pishin District, Balochistan Province, 7 August 2008 – "We did it ourselves," says Khalat Bibi proudly. "Our men didn't have the time as they were working in the orchards and fields.

Reaching out to the most vulnerable in camps for displaced people in Pakistan
Peshawar, October 2008: Batcha Bibi, a young woman in her early twenties, pulls her colourful headscarf to cover her hair as she recounts the events that have changed her life in recent months.

Community Action Process empowers localities to tackle development
MANGOCHER, Balochistan Province, Pakistan, 17 June 2008 – When Sumaya Bibi first started coming to community meetings, she would crouch in a corner by the door, timidly covering her face with her scarf.

With new technologies, developing swift responses to humanitarian emergencies.
PIRTHI GOTH, Sindh Province, Pakistan, June 2008 – Gul Bano is with her children at the water’s edge as the boat approaches. She watches as Rizwan Soomro and his team step onto shore.

Dedicated Healthworkers and Volunteers Help Protect 63 Million Children against Measles in Pakistan
MULTAN, Punjab Province, 17 March 2008 – In a small, cool classroom in the ancient city of Multan, Samana Khan smiles reassuringly at a little girl. "What is your name?" she asks, and rolls up the girl's sleeve.

Fresh hope for arsenic-struck communities in Southern Punjab
BASTI PATHANISTAN, Punjab Province – Zahida Parveen Chandyo's eyes sparkle as she recounts her struggle to achieve her current position – a volunteer and councillor in the local government in this conservative area of southern Punjab.

Trainee Midwives Bring Expert Care to Rural Women in Pakistan
NANKANA SAHIB, Punjab Province, February 2008 – Tabassum Naseem walks through the dimly lit women's ward at the Nankana District Hospital. She pauses to gently examine a pair of twins only three days old.

Protecting the rights of Faisalabad's most vulnerable children
Faisalabad, Punjab, Dec. 2007 - In a tidy dormitory lined with bunk beds at the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau in Faisalabad, ten-year-old Tariq plays a game of carom with his friends.

Community midwives in Pakistan help mothers and babies survive
SHAHDADPUR, Pakistan, 24 December 2007 – Inside a small, mud-walled clinic, a group of expectant mothers converse while a community midwife performs her check-ups.

Children Support the Polio Campaign in Balochistan
Quetta, Balochistan. May 2007. It was an unusual kind of rally but one that conveyed a powerful message. A dozen of children affected by polio on their wheelchairs were at the front of a bicycle rally organised by the Balochistan Boys Scouts Association

Giving At-Risk Children in Lahore a New Chance
Lahore, Pakistan, 24 May 2007 – Like other young girls, 17-year-old Saba* loves teasing her friends, laughing out loud and making plans about the future. Like other girls her age, she once had the dream to become a singer.

Clearing the path for female teachers
For five long years teacher Zubaida Wahab had to endure a dangerous and uncomfortable three-hour ride by horse and cart to get to her school. The cart was often late and in bad weather couldn’t make the journey at all.

Persuading the polio refusers
Lahore, November 2006, For three or four days this month when Tehseen Akhtar takes to the tiny streets of her crowded neighbourhood in Lahore she will scan every small child she meets carefully.

Lahore street children swap gender identities to survive
Lahore, October 7, 2006: ‘Nobody, not even the police, dares to touch me,’ says Rehan, a sharp, funny boy with roughly cropped hair dressed in a dirty shalwar kameez and oversized man’s wool jacket.

Pakistan's children thirsty for safe water
RAHIM YAR KHAN, Pakistan, 31 August 2006 – Surrounded by vast mango groves and freshly tilled fields, Basti Yar Muhammad, a village of 200 people in the south of Punjab Province, is bracing itself for a storm.

The Hidden Jewel
UNICEF has piloted an innovative community empowerment project in the Kalat district, Balochistan.The project uses a technique called the Community Action Process - which consists of a series of steps to carry out a community project

Like Teacher, Like Child
KALAT, Pakistan– The reddish brown ink glides over the white slate like a graceful ice skater, forming neat rows of Urdu script. The little hand is even-keeled in its concentration.

Karachi street boys find a friend
Karachi, Pakistan, June 2006 – Fourteen-year old Akbar breaks seven eggs into an aluminum frying pan sizzling with sunflower oil and red chili powder. He’s making his favourite dish, an omlette.



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