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2008 Floods in Pakistan




UNICEF Supports Child-Friendly School Project in Punjab
UNICEF supports the Child-Friendly School (CFS) Project in Punjab, Pakistan's largest province, to improve enrolment and retention in primary school, especially for girls, by creating a supportive and child-oriented environment.

Pakistan Earthquake Two Years On
Two years after the 8 October 2005 earthquake, which took the lives of over 73,000 people - among them 17,000 students - UNICEF takes a look at interventions it carries out in the quake zone.

From Emergency to Recovery Education in Earthquake-Affected Pakistan
In the past two years, UNICEF has supported the enrolment in government primary schools of more than 400,000 children in earthquake-affected areas, including more than 21,000 children who had never attended school before.

Pakistan Measles Campaign
The Government of Pakistan, supported by UNICEF, has launched a new phase of the largest-ever national measles vaccination campaign, with a goal of reaching more than 63 million children by March 2008.

Arsenic Mitigation in Southern Punjab
UNICEF is supporting arsenic mitigation in Southern Punjab, Pakistan to provide communities safe drinking water in urban and rural areas.

Photo project for children in IDP camps
During the past six months, thousand of children in northern Pakistan lived in squalid IDP camps. They were forced to live there by the October 8th, 2005 earthquake destroyed their houses, schools and communities.

UNICEF and IKEA comfort earthquake survivors
The earthquake on October 8, 2005 severely damaged Ichrian, a village located about 190 km north of Islamabad in North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, leaving behind a large number of widows and orphans.

UNICEF Child Friendly Spaces for Affected Children
UNICEF has supported establishment of two Child Friendly Spaces in the Banda Sahib Khan (BSK) camp in Abbottabad district for people displaced due to earthquake. More than 650 children come to these centres for playful learning.



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