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Major Donors for Earthquake Response and Recovery


On the morning of 8 October, 2005, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck several South Asian countries, totally devastating parts of northern Pakistan. It claimed the lives of 73,000 people and left over 120,000 injured. More than 3 million people, half of whom are children, were directly affected. 75 per cent of health facilities were damaged. Some 8,000 schools collapsed, 17,000 students and 900 teachers were killed. An estimated 1.7 million people lacked access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation as water supply systems and sanitation facilities in both rural and urban areas were seriously damaged.

UNICEF responded immediately to ensure the survival of children in the affected areas through health and nutritional care, provision of safe drinking water and sanitation, while restoring normalcy to their lives through education, recreation, rehabilitation, reunification and counselling.

UNICEF is proud of the ways in which it responded to this emergency. More importantly, it is proud of the support provided to UNICEF by national governments, National Committees for UNICEF in around the world and International Aid Organisations. Without their support, UNICEF would not have been able to fulfill its responsibility towards the children and people of Pakistan at this very critical time.

Click the links below to see the lists and website links of governments, National Committees for UNICEF and International Aid Organisations that supported UNICEF in its earthquake emergency interventions:  

List of Governments and website links to Government Aid Agencies which have contributed to UNICEF's response to the 2005 earthquake emergency in Pakistan.

National Committees for UNICEF
List and links to the websites of National Committees for UNICEF which have contributed to the 2005 earthquake emergency response interventions.

International Development Organisations/Others
List and website links of International Development Organisations and UNICEF Staff from various country offices which contributed to UNICEF's earthquake response programme in Pakistan.



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