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As stipulated in its Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) UNICEF is committed to support governments in achieving 90 per cent HIV prevention awareness among young people by 2005. Every UNICEF Country Office worldwide is currently treating a concerted response to HIV and AIDS as a cornerstone of its programming.

UNICEF has its strategy and major lines of action for fighting HIV and AIDS in Pakistan which is a product of many consultations with Government, UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations and representatives of Civil Society Organisations.

Major Lines of Action
In order to achieve the strategic and enabling objectives consistent with the programmes principles and directions the following six major lines of action have been identified in UNICEF strategy to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS and prevent its spread.

  • Developing a supportive environment
  • Building the enhanced HIV and AIDS control programme's youth prevention strategy
  • Life Skills-Based Education development
  • Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS into UNICEF programmes
  • Research and pilots projects
  • Building UNICEF capacity

UNICEF is collaborating with the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) and four Provincial AIDS Control Programmes (PACP)of the Government of Pakistan for raising awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS:

National AIDS Control Programme (NACP)
NACP was established in 1990 with a focus on diagnosis of cases that came to hospitals, but progressively began to shift towards a community focus. Its objectives are the prevention of HIV transmission, safe blood transfusions, reduction of Sexually Transmitted Deseases, establishment of surveillance, training of health staff, research and behavioural studies, and development of programme management.



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