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UNICEF works with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education, Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Provincial Social Welfare Departments, International and national NGOs and other UN agencies to protect children from abuse, exploitation, violence, discrimination and support the establishement of a system of juvenile justice.  

Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education
The Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education provides an enabling environment and tangible opportunities, through policies, programs and projects that would contribute in poverty alleviation and promotion of social progress and social justice in the country through addressing the needs of downtrodden, marginalized and vulnerable segments of the society.

UNICEF provides support to the Social Welfare Ministry and its attached department National Commission for Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD) to enforce, monitor and protect children, especially those in conflict with the law; in institutional care and those who are sexually exploited and abused. UNICEF supported the NCCWD in drafting of the Child Protection Law and the Child Protection Policy and initiated the establishment of Child Protection Monitoring and Data Collecting System.

Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs is responsible for summoning of either Houses or both Houses or joint sitting of the Parliament and prorogation of the same. Follow-up of the assurance, promises and undertakings given by the Federal Government on the Floor of the House with a view to their implementation by the Division concerned. Submission of the bills passed by the Parliament or the National Assembly to the president for his assent.

UNICEF supported the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for providing orientation to the Parliamentarians on Child Protection issues and their role in addressing them. Four training/orientation sessions have so far been held in which more than 100 parliamentarians participated.

Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP)
Family Planning Association of Pakistan is Promoting Family Planning, Sexual & Reproductive Health as a basic human right. It is also providing sustainable and quality reproductive health and family planning services to men, women and youth and improving the quality of life of the poor and marginalized.

UNICEF supported FPAP in empowerment of the girl child. Seven hundred and thrity locations were reached and over 100,000 community workers including 31,500 girls and 6,900 boys became role models/change agents in their communities.

Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Action
LHRLA is the first organisation to take up the issue of trafficking of women in Pakistan. It was also the first one to initiate the issue in Bangladesh, when a meeting was held in 1991; since then, over 20 NGOs have been established with a strong focus on trafficking which has become a very urgent regional concern.LHRLA has worked for the release of all the women detained illegally and subjected to the practice of trafficking. These women's cases were taken up and free legal aid provided; they were ultimately released and either joined their families or took refuge in Edhi Homes as they had no other recourse.

UNICEF supported the LHRLA to establish the first telephone helpline in Karachi for accessing legal counselling and rehabilitation services. The helpline is being replicated in all the other provinces.  

ROZAN is an NGO working on issues of emotional health, gender and violence against women and children. The ROZAN TEAM consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, community workers, management experts, researchers, teachers and doctors. UNICEF supported Rozan to develop child sexual abuse training materials and to build capacity of NGOs on child sexual abuse.


Sahil is the only organization in Pakistan that works exclusively on the issue of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Sahil takes advocacy and awareness rising as the main tool of implementing its programs. To fight against the phenomenon of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Sahil is running the Social Legal and Educational Program and Mass Media Awareness Program. Sahil is a member of the NGO network supported by UNICEF.

Training Institute for Jail Staff
Central Jail Staff Training Institute (CJSTI), Lahore is working under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan.It is the only institution to impart basic and professional training to all the Prison staff / Reclamation personnel (Probation & Parole Officers) of four Provinces, Azad Kashmir & Northern Areas. The Institute provides technico-professional training from Warders to Superintendents Jail on the challenging needs of Prison security and to run Prison Administration and Management on corrective and reformative lines as strongly advocated by Islam.

UNICEF supported the CJSTI to pre-test global indicators on Juvenile Justice, to integrate Child Protection course in the Institute and trained more than 500 staff from law enforcement agencies in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice. 

Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB)
Government of the Punjab set up the Bureau for Child Protection and Welfare to rehabilitate special and deprived children and those engaged in begging. The Child Protection Welfare Bureau (CPWB) will collaborate with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to bring up Pakistani camel jockeys till they are 18 years old after which it will help them get jobs, particularly in the UAE.

UNICEF supported the CPWB to develop rehabilitation and reintegration services for beggar, street and handicapped children. UNICEF in collaboration with the CPWB provided support to more than 600 camel jockey children repatriated from the U.A.E. More than 3,500 children have benefited from the CPWB rehabilitation and reintegration services.

Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP)
SHARP is actively engaged in promoting awareness and advocating about human rights to secure the well being, freedom and dignity of the people. Under this domain, it has been rendering its services particularly women, children, prisoners and to the problems related to the refugees. UNICEF is supporting a network of civil society organistions on Child Protection issues. SHARP is the secretariat for the organisation.  



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