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Supply and Procurement Section


Supply and Procurement Section

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Supply and Procurement Section in the UNICEF Pakistan Country Office is responsible for overseeing all local and offshore procurement and logistics operations.

UNICEF’s procurement 

is guided by the organization’s priorities: child survival and development, basic education and gender equality, fighting HIV/AIDS and child protection.

All documents advertised by the Supply Section in UNICEF Pakistan Country Office can be seen on this page.


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LRPS-2016-9126971 - updated

- Queries LRPS-9126971
Provision of services to enter into a non-exclusive Long Term Agreement with a company for Polio Eradication Program Media Monitoring for UNICEF Pakistan 29-Aug-2016
LRPS-2016-9126972 Provision of Services to enter into a nonexclusive long term agreement with a Graphic Design and Illustrations Institution for the production of high impactful and creative designs of awareness raising, training and advocacy material driving behavior change and creating demand for health services in support of polio eradication in Pakistan 29-Aug-2016

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Provision of services of an organization to Provide technical support to Department of Education - KPK for initiating Sports for Development and Peacebuilding in the government schools. 29-Aug-2016







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