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Report: Child Health and Sanitation Week, April 2008

Unfortunately, 10 million children die in the world every year, where Pakistan ranks 8th in the world with approximately 478,000 numbers of child deaths under 5-years of age every year. The health status of children in Pakistan is below acceptable levels, as infant and under five mortality rates are 77 and 94 respectively (PDHS 2006).

Malnutrition underlies over half of all child deaths. Two-thirds of all children under one year die during first 28 days of life. Seasonal pneumonia and diarrhoeal episodes are the major killers of children under five. Nevertheless a slight progress has been achieved in the last 10 years in infant and under five year mortality.

Government of Pakistan through Ministries of Health, Environment and Education, the provincial Health Departments and UNICEF Pakistan launched a Child Health and Sanitation Week from 21st to 26th April, 2008.

The campaign combined immunization catch-up and deworming of children with an intensive health and hygiene education on the importance of hand washing; use of latrines; using safe drinking water; ideal breastfeeding practices, recognizing danger signs of diarrhoea and preparation and use of ORS at home.

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Child Health and Sanitation Week, April 2008



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