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Water and Sanitation

© UNICEF/PAKA01549D/Zaidi
Young boy carrying dirty water in a container












© UNICEF/PAKA01541D/Zaidi
Boy carrying bottle of clean drinking water in a relief camp













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UNICEF Leads WES Cluster

The earthquake destroyed community infrastructure, homes and public services in northern areas and Kashmir. Water supply networks were damaged and water sources contaminated. In most of the affected area, sanitation facilities have simply vanished.

Providing portable water, cleaning and disinfecting existing water sources, emergency repairs to partially damages facilities and providing water and sanitation infrastructure were priorities for UNICEF because of the threat of waterborne diseases to children.

UNICEF leads the Water and Sanitation response and coordinates, in partnership with the government, the efforts of the NGOs contributing to this sector. UNICEF and partners prioritize the delivery of water and sanitation in densely populated areas which includes urban areas, the growing number of IDP camps, hospitals and schools and also remote area valleys.

UNICEF WES teams are working in the affected areas distributing water purification sachets to address the immediate needs of clean water, distributing bars of washing soap, toilet soap, buckets and jerry cans. UNICEF teams are also repairing and installing water treatment plants.

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