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© UNICEF/PAKA01493D/Zaidi
Damaged classroom in a Muzaffarabad school












© UNICEF/PAKA01502D/Zaidi
Student in a tent school













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Emergency Education

The 8th October earthquake has had a devastating impact on education in NWFP and Pakistan Administered Kashmir. Officials estimate that 50 percent of the dead were children, many of whom were in schools at the time of the quake. It is estimated that nearly 8000 schools have been destroyed in NWFP and 2000 in Kashmir.

UNICEF with support from government and partners has rapidly set up schools in tents and provided school supplies, text books and teaching aids etc.

UNICEF is the United Nations focal point for Emergency Education with responsibility for supporting the government to ensure that children return to school.

UNICEF has procured 3000 'School in a Box' kits each of which can help operate a primary school with 40 to 80 children. These kits are being used in quake-affected areas to establish temporary schools. UNICEF is also working with International Red Crescent to devise a framework of psycho-social support in schools.


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