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© UNICEF/PAKA01789D/Pirozzi
UNICEF's Dr. Tamur examines an earthquake survivor in a relief camp












© UNICEF/PAKA01940D/Zaidi
UNICEF relief items being loaded on a helicopter in Mansehra













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UNICEF puts its best foot forward

Hours after the quake struck, UNICEF Pakistan Country Office started moving supplies, including blankets, warm clothing for children, tents, emergency medical supplies, food for infants, and water purification tablets, into the affected region. Teams were dispatched to northern areas and Kashmir to assess immediate needs of people affected by the earthquake.

UNICEF has established forward operations centres in the worst hit cities of Mansehra and Muzaffarabad. Supplies are being trucked to these cities and from there airlifted by Pakistan Army helicopters to areas not accessible by road.   


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