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Affected Children

© UNICEF/PAKA01856D/Pirozzi
An injured child playing with flowers while both his feet are in plaster












© UNICEF/PAKA01854D/Pirozzi
One of thousands with seriously injured limbs












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Children’s Catastrophe

Being called a children’s catastrophe, October 8 earthquake in Pakistan has shattered the lives of thousands of children, leaving them homeless, injured, and in many cases orphaned. Many were brought to medical facilities with crush injuries resulting from falling debris. In some cases limbs had to be amputated to save their lives.

UNICEF Executive Director, Ms. Ann M. Veneman visited the quake-devastated northern Pakistan and Kashmir. During her visit she witnessed the extraordinary scale of devastation and its impact on children.

 "The situation is serious for children, especially those in the most remote areas who may not have been reached with aid, or very little. We can not turn away from these children. Their health and survival depends on continuing support from the world." Ann M. Veneman, UNICEF Exc. Director


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