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Disaster Risk Reduction

Spreading Awareness in Pakistan About Disaster Risk Reduction through Meena
Recognising the need for raising awareness among communities, especially children, pertaining to both natural and human induced risks, UNICEF Pakistan plans to undertake capacity building of children and communities through awareness raising as part of its preparedness campaign. Evidence supports that children are the best change agents both at home and in their communities. Hence, they are a very good channel to pass information on to the communities. Therefore, UNICEF Pakistan has now developed campaign material that circles around rural children learning about Disaster Risk Reduction.

What Does This Material Include?
Floods, earthquakes, displacement and general risks like drowning, fire, snake/insect bite, road accidents and electrocution are some of the common causes of child suffering and deaths in Pakistan. Story form resources on these four themes have been prepared while short animation films on these stories and jingles are under preparation for airing through TV and radio. An effort has been made to build a story in such a way that children get a chance to ask questions and learn through the mental exercise that encourages thought process and involves two way communication, not a monologue but a dialogue. Guidance notes on each page of the stories instruct how to involve children while narrating these stories.

Read the brief for more information.

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