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UNICEF celebrates World Teachers Day; recognizes the contribution of over 1.3 million teachers

Islamabad, October 5 2012 – UNICEF is proud to participate in the commemoration of the World Teachers Day. This years’ theme, ‘Take a stand for teachers’, has both global importance as well as particular relevance in Pakistan. Over 1.3 million teachers play a critical role in educating millions of students in tens of thousands of schools. They contribute to create a better future for Pakistan’s children through quality learning in a child friendly environment.

“The realization of Pakistan’s vision for social and economic development depends on the success of its education system,” said UNICEF Pakistan Representative Dan Rohrmann. “Investing in teachers is crucial for the success of a vibrant public and a dynamic private sector. They also play a significant role in shaping cultural and social values in children such as tolerance, gender equality and open dialogue.”

UNICEF calls on all stake holders to make a long term commitment in supporting the professional development of teachers, both for pre- and in- service training. Considering the challenges teachers face in today’s educational environment throughout Pakistan, in all its diversity, it is important that they are provided a conducive environment.

Currently, the monsoon flooding affecting over 1.4 million children across 15 districts is an example of how teachers and the education system must quickly adapt to a changing environment and deliver in the long term.

The vital role of teachers is recognised within the theme of the day and must be pursued in a strategic manner to effectively ensure that the high number of out of school children is reversed.

UNICEF believes that the implementation of Article 25-A which guarantees the fundamental right of children to compulsory and free education is an excellent platform to accelerate achievement of internationally agreed educational goals.  



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