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Earthquake Photo Library

© UNICEF/PAKA01437D/Zaidi
A village destroyed by the earthquake in Kaghan valley, NWFP Pakistan













© UNICEF/PAKA01745D/Pirozzi
A dead body being carried for burial in the devestated city of Muzaffarabad














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Destruction caused by October 8 Earthquake

A strong earthquake, said to be the most powerful to hit the region in 100 years, caused large scale destruction leaving thousands dead, injured and homeless in Pakistan.

The earthquake hit South Asia on Ocober 8, 2005 with epicentre 95 kilometers northeast of Pakistan's capital Islamabad.

Measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale with over one thousand aftershocks in weeks to follow, this earthquake has caused a major tragedy followed by a massive relief operation with substantial contribution from the world community.

Muzaffarabad, capital of the Pakistan Administered Kashmir with a population of 0.2 million turned into a graveyard after the October 8 earthquake. Majority of the buildings in this city were turned into rubble and dead bodies could be seen trapped therein.

"I saw death so closely, its a new lease of life for me" said Fauzia, a university student who was burried under the rubble of her two stories house. She was rescued by relatives who moved the debris with their bare hands."  

Destruction caused by October 8 earthquake in Pakistan is shown on this page through the eye of a lens.


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