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ICDB 2005 in Pakistan

© UNICEF/Sami/0003
Children express their views during a radio programme

Pakistani broadcasters celebrate ICDB
By Huma Khawar

Like the rest of the world, International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB), was enthusiastically celebrated by Pakistani media on December 11, all over the country.

With the growth of FM radio stations in the country, the entire day was branded as ICDB special in which talk shows with children in school and colleges were recorded and children were able to express their views. 

Campus Radio 107, attached with the Mass Communication Department of Peshawar University, is a channel, run by the students themselves. Their Special Transmission title Bazme--Naunehal – Azme--Naunehal, (World of Children, Spirit of Children, girls talked about the need of sports and lack of opportunities available to them to compete with boys.  The young interviewers from the Campus Radio team also met with girls and boys, living in camps in the effected areas and asked them to express the disastrous impact of the earthquake on their home communities, and how the new camp life have altered forever their life. The programme was recorded in the tented camp of Ghari Habibullah where 3000 internally displaced people are living.

With an outreach to Peshawar University’s 40,000 strong student body, resident on the campus and in the city’s surrounding areas, including some tribal areas, the programme was widely heard. Other programmes on FM and television stations included lively discussion by teenagers on role of media in shaping the new generation, the  gap between parents and children and the element of trust, need for sports and the lack of opportunities for girls in sports etc.

© UNICEF/Huma/0001
A young girl conducting a group discussion for a radio programme

ICDB is a joint initiative of UNICEF and the International Council of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, when broadcasters around the world "Tune in to Kids" by airing programmes for and about children.

Electronic media can become meaningful, positive media experiences for children and young people in Pakistan. With the new channels coming up in the private sector,  media can enforce the spirit of ICDB by involving children in the production of the spots as writers, producers and on-air talent, feature children’s perspective on the daily news, prepare stories involving children in the station regular newscasts, create children news bulletins and magazine programs targeting younger audiences. Give children a voice in selecting the topics to be covered. Highlight particular problems facing children in the community and illustrate how children and adults are working together to create positive change.

The main objective of the day, according to Julia Spry-Leverton, Head of Communications UNICEF Pakistan, “is to encourage electronic media to celebrate the day not only by producing quality programmes for the children but, allow children to be part of the programming process.”

The real spirit of ICDB is giving the children total control of production. They not only work as presenters and compere but directors and producers, script writers and technicians.





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