ICDB 2005

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ICDB in Pakistan

On the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting, 2005, in an interesting and innovative exercise, a group of excited and enthusiastic young people expressed their feelings with millions of children effected by the October 8th, earthquake that hit the sub continent.

Sitting in the studios of Campus Radio FM 107, based at PeshawarUniversity’s Mass Communication faculty in North West Frontier Province (NWFP) they were broadcasting the special ICDB programmes entitled “Bazme--Naunehal – Azme--Naunehal, (World of Children, Spirit of Children).

This was one of the first programme, for which the Mass Communication students have been working for the last few months with a pilot group of young broadcasters, 12 children aged 11-12, assisted by UNICEF.

Campus Radio subsequently invited Peshawar school students to the studio to hear these recorded interviews and in a moving sharing of views they express their solidarity with the difficult circumstances which the affected youth are going through.

Although physically absent from the scene, these young students, (ranging between 11 to 12) could relate to the feelings, emotions and deprivations of those living in camps by listening to the audio tapes and looking at visuals pictures. These interviews were recorded in the tented camps of Ghari Habibullah where 3000 internally displaced people are living.

Children expressed solidarity with thousands of Pakistani young people, displaced by the October 8 earthquake. After viewing photographs of life in the camps children wrote their impressions on cards on how they related to the ones devastated by the catastrophe.

The radio series will continue into 2006 with programmes in a variety of formats created around subject areas chosen by the youth broadcasters.