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My World, My SIDS SIDS Youth Networking 2013

© UNICEF Pacific/Joseph Hing/2012

Young Pacific islanders to envision the future they want at “My World, My SIDS: YES”

UNESCO, UNICEF and UNFPA provide a space to ensure that young people of the Pacific can contribute their vision for the future of small islands to the 2014 Global SIDS Conference which will be held in Apia (Samoa) in September 2014.

UNESCO, UNICEF and UNFPA with support from other UN partners and the regional organizations in SIDS areas (SPC, PIFS, CARICOM and IOC) are supporting a process for young people to share their issues, envision the future young people want, and participate in the process of developing the outcomes of the Apia 2014 Global Conference.

Thirty young islanders, aged from twelve to thirty years old, will be given the opportunity to take part in a five day workshop in Nadi, Fiji from the 4-9 of July. They will have the opportunity to share their issues, envision the future they want for themselves and for the development of their countries.

They are invited to express a common reflection on the destiny of their countries and to issue concrete suggestions that will serve as the starting point for the drafting of an outcomes document that will be the new plan of action for SIDS during the SIDS World Conference, organized by the UN in September 2014.

This workshop is one is a series of workshops happening across the SIDS regions. The young people of the Caribbean will be the first ones to benefit from such an unprecedented and intense experience. Theirs will be the first meeting from a series of three consultations. It will last from 26 June until 1 July 2013 in Kingston (Jamaica). The young islanders of the Pacific will meet next, and finally, the Indian Ocean youth will meet in Victoria (Seychelles) from the 11 until 16 July 2013.

Several youth representatives elected by these young people will have the opportunity to represent the voices of SIDS youth during various regional and inter-regional preparatory meetings in the coming months.

Workshop Details

My World, My SIDS: Y.E.S!

Youth.Empowerment. Sustainability

TanoaSkylodge Hotel, Nadi, Fiji

July 4-9, 2013

|Download the workshop program|

Background information

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SIDS Youth Outcome Document



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