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The State of the World's Children 2009 focuses on maternal and neonatal health and identifies the interventions and actions that must be scaled up to save lives.

Sanitation, hygiene and drinking-water in the Pacific island countries
The information held within this report is timely, given the United Nations declaration that 2008 be the International Year of Sanitation and the real and very urgent need to guide further action to progress and reach the Millennium development Goals

State of the Asia Pacific Children
The State of Asia-Pacific’s Children 2008 report is a regional edition of UNICEF’s The State of the World’s Children 2008 report.

State of the World's Children Report 2008
This report was prepared by The State of the World’s Children team in New York with guidance from the UNICEF Regional Offices for South & East Asia and the Pacific

The State of the Pacific Children Report 2008
This report reviews the situation of children in UNICEF Pacific’s 14 target countries

Protecting Children from Violence, Abuse and Exploitation in the Pacific
To guide and support the collaboration between UNICEF and Pacific Island countries working together for the protecting of children, a “Pacific Regional Framework” document was developed in 2006.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Sexual Abuse in the Pacific(CSEC)
This report highlights the complex and inter-related factors that increase the vulnerability of children to sexual abuse or sexual exploitation, or both, in the Pacific region.

Food and Fuel Price Crisis Report
This is the first report on the food prices situation and the impact on children in the Pacific island countries

Monitoring the early response to a humanitarian crisis: the use of an Omnibus Survey in the Solomon Islands
This paper describes the use of a rapid monitoring tool – the Omnibus Survey – designed to measure initial EMP targets for key child survival interventions 10 weeks after April 2nd. The paper begins with an overview of UNICEF’s role in declared emergencie

This is a report of a meta-evaluation of the evaluations that were conducted by UNICEF Pacific Office during its current programming cycle, 2003-2007.UNICEF Pacific has responsibility for 14 countries in the Pacific region .

Evaluation of SIBC’s “Youth of Today, Leaders for Today”
This report involves an evaluation of the reach of the programme. Reach is calculated as the percentage of the target audience who listened to at least some of the program in a set period of time – in this case one year.

Adolescent Health Development Project Review
This report presents the results of a review of ‘Improving Adolescent Health and Development in the Pacific Region’ a joint project among the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), UNFPA and UNICEF.

Solomon Islands Experience
Solomon Islands is a Pacific island nation with a total population of 409,042, an annual growth rate of 2.8% and a life expectancy of 61 years.

Essentials for Excellence
To prevent a flu pandemic, it is vital to control the disease in birds and to prevent human infections,

Young people's participation in the Pacific
Paper prepared for a seminar on “Children’s Rights and Culture in the Pacific”

Promoting Children's Participation in Democratic Desion-Making
This publication has been produced in the context of this rapidly changing and turbulent environment.



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