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See the child – before the disability, UNICEF says Inclusion of children with disabilities benefits society as a whole

Concentrate on abilities than disabilities

Every child is special regardless of race, gender, color or their disabilities. Many children around the world are prejudiced because of their disabilities.  Lack of their abilities is used to judge them which are usually misrepresented.

These wonderful children may not enjoy some of the abilities as many “normal” children would, however, their unique abilities is what makes them exceptional. In many societies, children are distinguished as “disabled” and “normal” children but what’s the difference? Children are children, all equal and unique in their own beautiful ways, and their disabilities shouldn't be made an excuse to define them. Instead of focusing on their weaknesses, it is their children’s strengths, talents and abilities that should be taken into consideration.

Unfortunately, some children may have limited abilities but they have a huge role to play in our societies and definitely a lot to offer. Perhaps there’s a reason why some schools are named Special Schools; it’s because these children are indeed very special. We have a lot to learn from them.

All children should have access to healthcare needs, transportation and education. They should be allowed and encouraged to attend schools in a flexible environment that isn't biased towards them. It is a vital training for future job opportunities.

There should be no room for discrimination or marginalizing children with disabilities. Therefore, there is a need for the society to concentrate on the abilities of special children. Their physical limitations must not influence their talents or their abilities. The main focus shouldn't be on what they CAN’T do but on what they CAN do. 



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