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Policy, Advocacy, Planning and Evaluation

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Policy, Advocacy, Planning and Evaluation

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Chairperson of the CRC, Professor Lee at the Legislative reform Workshop in Vanuatu

Policy, Advocacy, Planning and Evaluation (PAPE)

PAPE works closely with national governments, regional, international, academic and non-governmental organisations to achieve more evidence based results for children across the Pacific Islands. PAPE advocates on behalf of UNICEF Pacific to influence political and public agendas all for the betterment of Pacific children.

The programmes focus is on:

• Establishing evidence-based, pro-child policies and budgets.
• Establishing evidence-based, child centred plans

Outcomes are:

• Rights of children, youth and women are addressed in evidence-based social and economic policies developed through inclusive mechanisms.
• Planning, monitoring and evaluation systems include quality disaggregated social data on children, young people and women.

Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights:

UNICEF's work in social and economic policy combines more than 60 years of experience reaching out to vulnerable and excluded children with data and analysis. The goal is to make a first call for children in high-level policy dialogues both with governments and within the United Nations family. These investments in social and economic policy will be the foundation of progress toward the Millennium Development Goals and social transformation in favour of children's rights in the future.

For more information go to: https://www.unicef.org/socialpolicy/



































CRC Vanuatu Legislative Reform Report

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